Kiper Remodeling

2407 S 1st St, Leavenworth, KS  66048


Kiper Remodeling understands that customer satisfaction starts with arriving at your home on time.  I arrive ready to work with the right tools for the job.  I apply the same attention to detail and quality workmanship to every job, large or small.  I take pride in my work, my work ethic, and my reputation.  I love my house, have no intention of moving again in my lifetime, and hope to pass on my business to at least one of my four sons.


Plenty of people say that can do home repairs and remodeling, but few actually get it done correctly from start to finish.  Remodeling is an entirely different animal than new construction.  Whether it is a complete historic restoration or an everyday home repair, choose a contractor that is qualified.  Your home is an interacting system.  The failure of one component affects performance of the whole.

I perform all work using an honest, up-front pricing format.  Our Time plus Materials agreement ensures you pay only for the time spent working on your home, not an inflated estimate.  Beyond my education in Construction Management at Louisiana State University, I bring two decades of home repair and remodeling experience.  I view your home as an investment and am known for talking owners out of projects.  

I love what I do and try to surround myself with individuals that have been called into construction as well. Covered in muck or sweating out hundred degree heat, I am living my dream. Even Jesus chose to be a builder.  I cannot wait to hear him complain about all the fancy tools we use today.  I picture him saying, "back in my day..."​


I am writing to tell you that I would recommend your services to anyone.  We are very pleased with the work you performed on our home constructing the deck and putting in a new stone walk-way in the front.  Your service was exceptional and it was a real pleasure dealing with you.  It's harder and harder to find people who are not only friendly and courteous but timely and responsible as well. You made a stressful process much easier and we are thankful for your honesty.  Please feel free to use me as a reference for any future work you might do.  Sincerely, LtCol (Ret) Edwin L. Kennedy, Jr

I just wanted to send you this letter and tell you how great you did on the construction of our new photography studio.  Here we are, about 9 months after the finish, and we are still getting rave reviews on how nice the building looks.  People just can't believe we were able to do such a renovation of this high of quality for Leavenworth!  They have said it looks like something in a bigger city.  Chip, I thank you for the many extra things you did for me to complete this project-and on time.  Carole and I are truly happy with what you have done for us and would be more than happy to recommend your work to anyone who asks.  Sincerely, Jay Carey

Thank so much for such a fantastic job! We are so impressed at how timely you all completed the job. Thanks again for doing such a great job!  Craig and Betsy Schale

Thank you for all your encouraging and coaching throughout this process. I learned a lot. I hope and pray that your business continues to bless you and your family. I have already recommended you to many of my friends. God Bless,  Maureen Hernandez
Mary and I would first like to say the finished job looks wonderful! It is exactly as she had hoped, the shower is spacious and comfortable.  I actually think the highlight of the whole project is how well my basement door works!  Thanks for a job well done!  Rob and Mary Piche

Thanks for doing a great job on the deck.  I hope you will have continued success in your business.  Happy Holidays!  Col (Ret) John P. Lewis 

I want to propose the following:  Hire a Contractor and finish your new home so that you and your family can enjoy it.  Life is short, and I have been using a Contractor to help me on my three Rental Properties for some time now!  I want to recommend to you Chip Kiper of Kiper Construction, "Home Remodeling & Repair" 2407 South 1st Street Leavenworth, Kansas 66048, Phone (913)683-3990.  Chip has installed two new floors in two bedroom which included repairing the beams under one of the bedrooms, installed new Windows, relocated a large Barn Storage Shed, and Repaired a Roof at 1119 N. Ninth Rental.  At 903 Metropolitan Rental his crew repaired a ceiling, and is installing "Z" Brick on a 2nd floor Bedroom Fireplace Chimney as well as repaired flashing around the exterior Chimney.  I trust him and his prices have been very fair.  I hope you will consider him as I believe that he will get you into your home soon!  Sincerely, Herb Mayfield 

Thanks for helping us out.  I'm sure that the house looks great and wish that I could see the finished piece of art.  We got positive feedback from Rick Hansen on your work, so I'm sure that that means something coming from him.  We also heard that the new tenants love the house.  Hopefully, the positive impressions will encourage them to take care of the house.  CPT RES Joshua L Holst 

Letter of recommendation for Mr. Richard "Chip" Kiper:  
This letter is to strongly recommend Mr. Richard Kiper for employment in the field of construction.  Mr. Kiper is extremely talented.  I doubt I can do justice in describing how much he has done for this company and what he can do for any future employer.
He is the brightest, smartest individual I have ever met in the construction field.  He is tenacious, resolves every problem he encounters and doesn't need any supervision, even on the biggest job.  He is extremely adept at seeing the best and fastest way to get every project completed.  When he is on the job it gets done right the first time and we have few call backs to do, if any.  He is truly unique because he is the best estimator that I have! His jobs always make money.  He knows how to read plans, do take off's and get the best possible prices on the materials involved in the job.  Additionally, he gets all the materials to the job site when they are suppose to be there, so there is no standing around or down time.  He knows how to teach people to do a better job because he "has been there and done that."  He is computer literate and is knowledgeable in Microsoft Excel and Wordperfect.  He built my safety program from nothing to where we have much lower liability and workman's compensation.  He designed, researched and made up the Companies' brochure and the Personnel Policy Handbook.  Both are superb products and highlight his unique talents and his attention to detail.  He also knows and can do almost anything in the landscaping, home remodeling, roofing etc.
He is a multi talented individual who accepts any challenge, learns quickly, and sees the job through to completion.  His last job was a million-dollar job he estimated on his own, very little was left on the table.  He has ordered all materials, supervised, set up work schedules, pay estimates, dealt with City Officials, Inspectors and other contractors and things have gone smoothly.  To summarize, Chip is a rare breed who honestly, can do it all.  His talent is unlimited.  I wish him the very best, and I am sorry he is leaving my company.  Please feel free to call me if you have any questions concerning Chip or this letter.  
Sincerely, Col (Ret) William Brethorst